Where are you on Googles natural search engine result pages? (“SERPS”). No longer the dark art it once was – it’s now mainly a case of following best practices.

Common sense 

SEO mainly now comes down to plain old common sense. It’s not worth trying to “game” the system anymore – you just need to follow the rules and set everything up correctly. Make sure all your pages have good, unique titles. That images have alt-tags, good on-page linking, a site map and just some good content. Also make sure you have set up all the functions in Google Search Console – and correctly integrated it into Google Analytics.

In reality, the only thing that will really push you up to page one of the results is some good quality links to your site from other big, well respected sites. Which comes down to more of a good PR exercise than a technical task.


You also want to make your site HTTPS too – so all the pages are encrypted – as these days Google gives you a slight lift if you are – plus you may get the “not secure” warning in your browser if you are not. Switching to HTTPS is not that hard – you just need to make sure all your on-page links, images and resources are correctly linked and be prepared to put in some redirects to fix any anomalies. We can help with this process – and help unpick the problems to gain you that sometimes elusive “padlock”