Give your customers and suppliers live access to your data and minimise the amount of reports and emails you need to send out.

A bespoke extranet can be built quickly and can be hosted in house, on a desktop PC, using open source (=free) software.

Client extranet 

Does your back office have an extranet when clients can see their bookings, check request statuses – or even make bookings? If you are using Tourplan then their default product WebConnect might work for you. But you might need something more complicated – or perhaps simpler. For example, show more (or less) fields from the booking than Webconnect does by default

Supplier extranet 

Do you want suppliers to be able to see all your reservations, direct from your back office?  There is a facility to do this if you are using Tourplan (SupplierConnect) or, if that’s not suitable, it’s possible to build a quick and simple bespoke extranet which offers more functionality, such as:

  • Highlighting new or changed booking
  • Ability to accept, or reject requests and, when rejecting, to ask for a reason which feeds back into the booking

Whatever system you use as a back office – if the information is held in a database, it can be exposed via an extranet.