Mistakes in operations directly affect clients on the road, and manual tasks mean mistakes. We can look at your work flow and processes and see where efficiencies can be made. Every company is different so it’s hard to generalise, but some quick wins are:

Pax final numbers automate

With group travel everything needs re-confirming a few days before travel. How do you tell your suppliers your final confirmed group numbers? 

If this is manual, you may well forget – leading to invoice queries later. We can automate this directly from your back office to your supplier.

Supplier confirmations no need to push

Do you book onto a supplier portal and receive a standard email confirmation back? If so, this relies on your staff acting on that email. What if it never got confirmed – how do you check?  

It’s possible to read your inbox automatically and look for these confirmations – and then automatically mark them as confirmed or declined in your back office – or send exception reports when things don’t line up.

Staff extranet on call support

How do you deal with out of hours support?  If you need to look at a booking out of the office, can you? 

We can build you a simple, mobile friendly, extranet for your staff.  As soon as someone logs in, it can give a list of the day’s bookings without any further navigation needed – directly from your back office/database. They can then navigate around this, verify what was booked, find supplier or client contact details and dial a number directly with one screen touch. Whatever data is in your back office system, you can choose to make it available.