Who are we?

NuGen Consulting was started by David Nugent to provide technical support, development, business analysis and creativity to companies, particularly in the travel industry, who don’t want to spend months waiting for things to happen. David has:

David Nugent

Financial Systems

Experience developing financial software - this has helped form the bedrock of his understanding of a business's financial needs - and how financial system work.

Direct Marketing

Years spent working on large databases in direct marketing before the term "big data" had been invented, modeling lifestyle and demographic profiles using the UK electoral role.


David ran one of the early internet bedbanks, featuring 40,000 hotels, all with instant confirmation.


While working at ebookers.com David helped to build the development team in India

Back Offices

David built his own backoffice from scratch when running his own OTA. This is how he knows what a back office needs to do.

Business Automation

While working at Hospitality Line David managed to automate many business processes producing massive efficiency gains - allowing the business to grow without the need to increase headcount.


David has connected - or designed the connections - between many systems, including complicated exports to financial systems such as Xero and Exchequer.


David has personally built websites from scratch, designed them for others to build, or used existing tools such as WordPress to quickly and cheaply build full e-commerce systems.

Travel Industry Background

15+ years in travel means David knows travel inside out - particularly wholesale group travel.