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Down to earth advice on websites, SEO, marketing, e-commerce, Tourplan and other back offices, finance systems, operations  and fulfilment


Thinking of a new back office?

There may be no need – no product is a perfect fit. You could spend a lot of time and money and still be no further forwards, despite what those sales people told you. It might be possible to bolt on extra functionality and keep what you’ve got.

are things too manual?

Are your staff doing the same things over and over again? There’s always a way to automate. All it takes is a bit of business and process analysis and a look at your database. It’s often the case that your staff are just doing the same thing that their predecessors did, without questioning.

website under used/not transacting?

If you are not selling on line, then you should be. Your competitors will be – so you need to be as near as you can get to instant confirmation – or the appearance that it’s inatnt. Enquiry forms mean lost sales – no one wants to wait these days, even in B2B. And how is your website traffic – does anyone know?

Chaotic finance systems?

Are invoices piled up? Never paid? Worst of all, double paid? Do you have too many business critical Excel sheets?  Problems with your front office and operations will manifest themselves in your finance department.


too many supplier portals?

It can take your staff a long time to get to grips with all the supplier websites they need – time that could be used for selling.  A lot of these can be switched to direct API connections or even screen scraping solutions. Your staff will breath a sigh of relief and accuracy will go through the roof.

sales being lost?

Frustrated by missed calls, abandoned shopping baskets, unanswered enquiries? Do you even know if sales are being lost – or if things are improving or getting worse? There’s no point in making changes if you can’t measure if they’re working. You need muppet-proof dashboards and reports.

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