Reporting and Stats

Knowing where you are and how you are doing is critical to moving forwards. Dashboards and reports are all very well – but in our experience, people never use them. The best solution is a summary email report – with click throughs to detail if needed. People work from their in-boxes – so you need to get your status reports in there too.

Daily stats live feeds

Just how well are you doing each day – do you know? Daily automated stats emails give you a real insight – extracted live from your back office or database. We can highlight inventory that sells – or doesn’t sell –  with graphical views of trends and sales lines. 

Daily stats can also show you quick reactions to outside influences, such as a news story, or a marketing campaign.

Monthly and quarterly stats automate

Over months or quarters you can compare periods like for like and look for trends, using simple graphs for quick visualisations. There’s no point listing reams of numbers – no one will ever look at them.

If your existing systems dont give you the reports you need, then doing this kind of work in Excel can absorb a whole member of your finance team. Once you know what you want it needs to be automated.

Conversion rates trend over time

You can’t compare your conversion rate with someone else’s as you are probably measuring it in a different way. 

But you can compare your conversion rate with your own over time. Without knowing this you don’t know if any of the changes you make are helping – don’t spend money or time on something until you know for sure you can check if it’s worked.